We are racing toward our featured event. We will be discussing how covid 19 has and will continue to change the world at our weekend retreat, seminar. Please do not miss the opportunity to inform yourself be it as an employee who may be facing uncertainty, a business owner looking to compete in these changing times, someone who wants to remain informed or those looking to see how to share there knowledge base and skills set for tomorrows business.

If you have wondered what will happen now, how do I find work in the future, what will shape the business world of tomorrow? you must attend this event. I am offering this event at costs and am shaping this as an educational experience, roundtable, and networking event for all.

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The world has changed dramatically over the previous year. For many un-certainty, insecurity and a clouded future stand before us. Many multinational corporations now look toward re-structuring, change management and optimization of resources as the best way to move forward. Where does that leave investors & investments? Gurney Consulting has structured a short weekend seminar, workshop retreat to tackle these issues, calm the storm and see how skills, knowledge and techniques maybe translatable to our future business models. Among the topics discussed are real estate management in corporations, investment properties for the investor of today and tomorrow, and worries, issues and stress in the current business environment.

Contact for Info
Douglas R.M. Gurney, MBA
+41 (0) 78 683 03 59
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    Don’t wait sign up today this is offered at the absolute amazing cost of CHF 400.00 per guest per room.  SIGN UP FOR EVENT
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    Hotel Europa St. Moritz
    Via Suot Chesas 9
    CH-7512 St. Moritz
    Switzerland DISCOVER MORE
  • Includes

    Apero and meet & greet
    Seminar & workshop
    Afternoon networking activity
    Optimization, Covid 19 & You - Event - Optimization, Covid 19 & You - Event - Optimization, Covid 19 & You - Event - Optimization, Covid 19 & You - Event - Optimization, Covid 19 & You - Event - Optimization, Covid 19 & You - Event - Optimization, Covid 19 & You - Event - Optimization, Covid 19 & You - Event -

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