John E. Keller

Director & COO

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

John Keller joined Golden Arrow Minerals Ltd in 2011 as CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) and helped leading the technical division of the Diamond and Gold operation business of a Swiss company  in Western Africa. Furthermore, he assumes the following responsibilities in a new, senior role as COO & Director of Golden Arrow Minerals AG:

– at Golden Arrow Minerals AG the management of various projects in the interests of company;

– at the Golden Arrow Real Estate Division he is the contact person for in the areas of purchase, sale, construction and renovation.

– and by the Golden Arrow Virtual Reality Division the digital online marketing as a media specialist and / or specialist in virtual realities. Furthermore, the graphic-, web and multimedia design department.

Initially, his career began with the Swiss Postal Services in the Logistics Department. There, John acquired a lot of practical experience in sales as well as with importing & exporting goods of all kinds.

His fascination to partake in an innovative and growing field of digitization lead him to further his education by studying economics and to take up various positions in project management as a Specialist for Digital Marketing.

With a broad based and comprehensive portfolio in graphic, web and multimedia design John is well versed in both, printing and digital designs.

His inspiration from everyday’s life together with his vast array of experience leads him to aim for higher achievements for himself as well as his team members.

 He is incredibly passionate aboutall aspects of any development process   and yet reserves a special place in his heart to interfacing between creativity and technology.

John Keller completed his studies at the BVS University in Zurich with a couple of diplomas for Macro Economy as well as a Business Management. In addition, he recently developed the internationally recognized IPMA diploma in project management.


Project Management
Business Relationship
Precious Metal Trading


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